“Non proprio la Stessa e non proprio l’Altro, lei si colloca in quell’indeterminato luogo liminale dove vaga sempre tra il dentro ed il fuori…”

Identità mutanti, FAM

Passionate about visual arts, I experience over the years different techniques of artistic expression: painting, photography, collage, shooting and editing video.

Simultaneously with this research, undertake a course of study in “Science ethno-anthropological” at the University of Bologna. I discover the big world of visual anthropology, where I get different and conflicting ideas and reflections.

After the università, I have made a two-year course of directing and editing video at the “Experimental Centre of Cinematography” in Milan.

The reading of the essay “Identity mutants. From the crease to the scourge: contemporary human contamination “of FAM, contributes in a decisive way to use art as a tool for reflection, expression and deconstruction of key concepts such as: body, identity, gender, sexuality.